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"Swift Safyre are able to provide world-leading video analytics for Retail environments, including intelligent management tools."

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Specialist solutions for the Retail environment

From trolley management systems, to intelligent customer counting, we can help Retail environments understand customer and staff activity in-store

Our business intelligence systems utilise CCTV video analytics to watch over activity in-store. Once intelligent software is applied, our systems gather data such as customer foot fall, trolley management in car parks, customer flow and heat maps, then report back to you on key statistics.

This data allows you to manage staff more efficiently, understand marketing opportunities or simply provide an insight into how your business is performing.

We open the door to a wealth of analytical tools. From people counting and facial recognition, to numberplate recognition at depots.

Trolley Management & Containment

Customer Foot Fall Counting

Hold-up and Panic alarm systems

Trolley push-out prevention

Emergency Call Systems for staff

World-leading CCTV Video Analytics

Our Accreditations & Certifications

For peace of mind, our team have excelled in winning the highest level of industry accreditation, ensuring your fire and security system is installed in conjunction with the latest British standards.

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